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The Admission Process

More about Admissions

Learn how to apply to an ISAS school, and when those applications are due.
The Admission Directors of the New Orleans Independent schools (ISAS) work together to make the admission process as simple as possible for parents and children and to help families find the best educational placement for each child. When families apply to more than one ISAS school, those schools will share applicant lists, school records, teacher recommendations and testing results.

  • Testing includes aptitude and achievement testing. Tests that are given individually by appointment may be scheduled through an ISAS school or with an independent tester. Supplemental testing may be necessary on occasion or may be required by some schools.

  • All previous testing and transcripts must be made available to the schools at the time of application.

  • No official or unofficial acceptance will be made through verbal or written means before the notification dates stated.

  • Limited financial aid is available based on need. Inquiries should be made to each individual school at the time of application.